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Freaky feet and the case of the missing thigh skin

I am learning tons about my feet at the moment, which explain many of the issues I have had on skates – best of all, it’s putting me in a better position to get back on skates soon¬† and have fewer issues when I do!


According to the nice man at Clitheroe hospital, who drew the diagram above, when my ankle is at a right angle, on an imaginary invisible floor, my heel is something like 10mm further away from that floor than my toes (see the above picture). So, my body’s only options are to walk around on tiptoe (which he seemed to think is madness but whatevs) or for my ankle, legs hips and spine to contort oddly to let my heel touch the ground while I walk.

So, my ankle rotates upwards, then inwards (hence the over-pronation situation). This also means my weight is forwards on my toes, which then puts a lot of strain on the arch of my foot, especially when on skates. The agonising heart-breaking pain I had in the last few weeks of my first fresh-meat was caused by a series of tears along the tendons in the sole of my foot, which have now healed into some painful nodules of scar tissue (those are the round things in the diagram he drew me).

So first things first, I have some temporary insoles.

They support my heal and the arch of my foot and tilt my foot into a better position.

I have to wear them ALL the time, which as a long-term barefoot harpie who happily frolics about the house using monkey toes for grip, is a big deal. I got some light weight pumps which I am slowly training myself to wear.

The difference is amazing, 85% of my day-to-day pain has gone right away , I can’t wait to see how much easier skating is with them! I just need to wait a little more time for my Achilles to heal.

The only negative side affect, which I guess shows you how much the insoles alone have changed the way my body moves, is that my trousers keep rubbing the skin off my inner thighs. Being the delicate milky skinned chubby little maiden I am (rah) my skin is pretty fragile, and the change in the position of my hips means my clothes and their death by vicious cotton seams, are in slightly different places to normal.¬† Also…. just for anyone who ever experiences this. don’t put a sticking plaster on it. That is a bad bad thing. Bad!

I will tell you all about my physio next! Working super hard, finally making progress, hoping to be back on skates soon!