My pie is poor

My asymmetrical pie slice

When learning to skate, learning to point your toes out so your feet form a pie slice (or pizza slice) shape is important.

If the toes point forwards (rather than out) the tenancy is to “walk” on skates, which is a recipe for slipping around and falling over. It also burns energy and doesn’t give you any real speed.

While I know how important this is, I have found it quite hard to learn. The video below shows me that I have made some real progress from when I started out though: there is a little outwards point most of the time on both feet.

However, my feet are often pointing asymmetrically, and not consistently either, so sometimes the left points more than the right, and sometimes the right more than the left. Sometimes both are pointing almost forwards again too.

I think this is one of the reasons I feel unstable on skates and sometimes feel my feet slip from under me.

Also, even when I feel like my feet are pointing “really out” they are actually not pointing out much.

I have been busy thinking up some ways to address this while I am off-skates. I will let you know what I find!

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