KT tape – my painkilling wonder cure!

According to “Science” KT tape doesn’t work. Science is clearly wrong! It’s the only thing so far which has stopped my Achilles pain completely and it works way better than, for example, co-codamol pills.

Which tape to choose?

I went for the cheapest that amazon next day deliver could offer me. In Orange.  I figured, as I am not an expert at applying it, there isn’t much point spending a lot of money: I was right, the first few applications just in loved me sticking my hand to my leg and swearing a lot.


I am thinking I might get a proper physio to apply it for me, in which case I am happy to pay for the branded tape, if that is what they recommend.

How to apply it

I watched the following youtube videos:


I ended up with something in between the two, I couldn’t seem to get the central bit of tape to go right up the middle of my leg. I applied a second strip to make a v shape, a bit like they do here:

Don’t forget to rub it all down, it makes it stick better.

The result

My Achilles feels right away warmer and much less painful. The “background” pain that is there while I am just watching TV or whatever is gone. I also feel more secure while walking about, and it hurts much less then too. I haven’t tied being more active on my leg yet though.

The cheaper stuff I bought came off in the bath, it’s not supposed to tough, so I have had to re-apply. My second application felt less good than the first, so I will try it again later. The cheap roll was definitely a good idea!

IMGP9559-web IMGP9560-web


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